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    Earn over 25,000 PhP monthly. Jobs!

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Help Needed, Now Hiring. Read The Job Description Below.

You can now work as a Sales Associate / Webmaster for a great company that will pay you a commission for your efforts. You can easily earn 25,000 PhP and above every month by selling something that everyone needs, a website. Best of all is that you can sell it to them for the lowest price and you can deliver it faster than any other service provider. Most PH webmaster's sell WordPress websites and that is fine but it takes a long time and it takes a certain skill level to install, build and administrate those types of websites. In this job you will NOT be selling those websites but something that is far easier, far faster and far more secure. You will not have to do any installations, you will not have to do any administration.

You simply go out and find then help small business owners start a website or save money by switching to a Pilipinas Online Website which is a better choice for almost ALL business owners as they are cheaper, faster and in most cases have more functionality built in. These websites are what business owners need to actually grow their online presence. The facts are that FaceBook is not beneficial to everyone and cost money to use for building a business. FaceBook has been proven as largely a waste of time for business, this is not disputable and this can not be argued as many studies have researched it over and over again. For the average person a real Website is the best way to get started and those other platforms are used to send traffic to that Website.

No skills are needed to start and you can learn on the job while still being effective and making money. If you are able to use a computer, do basic cutting and pasting and surf the Internet then here is a legitimate job you can do.*** - We are looking for computer literate workers. What you will be doing is running your own GIG to build websites using our technology. NO TECHNICAL SKILLS BEYOND THE ABILITY TO USE A COMPUTER ARE NEEDED. You simply follow the directions below and you start as soon as you want to. You will be paid by your customers through Fiverr.com. You will need a PayPal.com account as well to collect your payments from Fiverr.com. There is no manager and you are expected to complete your training and your first 10 GIG's in accordance with Fiverr.com policies. If you are successful then Fiverr.com will allow you to charge much more money. Building these websites once you learn how, takes 15 to 20 minutes on average, because your customers must provide you all the content first and we provide you a very fast and powerful platform to complete the websites, that platform is listed as step number one below.

You do NOT need a new OR fast computer and it does not matter what operating system you use. Your computer must be able to get onto the Internet and run one of the popular Internet Browsers like IE, FIREFOX, SAFARI or CHROME.

Webmaster Responsibilities:

  • Find people that need a new or better or cheaper website that does more.
  • Determine what they need -vs- what they have.
  • Help them to get their websites started as best you can.
  • Use their sites onboard SEO tools to help them complete proper on-page SEO.
  • Do your best.

Webmaster Requirements:

  • No degree required! This is a skills based position.
  • No knowledge of programming languages needed.
  • No knowledge of website management tools required.
  • No SEO skills required, the provided tools do the work.
  • Good collaboration skills as you must work with random customers.
  • You must be reliable and have the desire to work online.
  • Basic problem-solving skills.

***In order for you to qualify yourself, you will need to READ THIS ENTIRE POSTING and DO EXACTLY AS IT SAYS or you will waste your valuable time.***


1. Learn to build websites using this site: https://PilipinasONLINE.com

Please refer to the >> HELP << link for detailed information if you need to. The information is provided but we are proud to say that less than 6% of people seem to need to read the manual as the user interface you use is extraordinarily easy and has been proven useful by people in ALL known countries as easy for over a solid decade (this is not new, this is proven). We understand that you are not yet a Webmaster and that you simply want to learn to complete the very basic task associated with making income in this role, so this is level 1 easy.

2. Join this site: https://Fiverr.com

You will use the top "GIG" platform in this role so please see the user agreement at that site for applicable information.

3. List a GIG to build websites. Here is our actual account from when we had to go through the exact process described here years ago: https://fiverr.com/hardnova

Since it would not be fair to tell you to do something we have not done the proof provided above is just for your peace of mind.

NOTE: We suggest text similar to this for your new gig - "I will make you a new website that I design and host. Includes media albums with automatic slideshows and the content you provide. Great for weddings, portfolios, small business, art, modeling, bands, clans, churches, schools, baby pics and more."

NOTE: Once you become Level1 then you can increase your prices beyond the level 0 tier. Update your gig text with extras after you reach Level 1. **READ The F.A.Q.**


NOTE: No, adult sites, no illegal sites or we will simply delete them and your ratings on Fiverr.com will go down, which means you will not make further money. Using Fiverr.com, you will need to complete at least 10 gigs & make it to LEVEL 1, before you are allowed to raise up your pricing, but as you can see in the F.A.Q's, you can charge great money per GIG, EASILY by making these websites for people once you become level 1. Make sure to give them good service and they will rate you good which will get you more customers and more money. Bad ratings will stop you from getting any money. These are the Fiverr.com rules.

NOTE: www.pilipinas.com, fiverr.com and paypal.com are separate companies and are not affiliated. You must follow each sites guidelines and terms in order to use them.

**READ The F.A.Q**

Jobs, No Skills Required, Learn While Earning. Learn A Useful Skill. It's Easy!


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Are you looking for a way to make money from home and learn a useful trade? If yes then this is the job for you. Take a look at the easy to follow instructions and take action today to ensure that you win tomorrow.